The customized wagon rental service


Adriafer, in collaboration with VTG Rail Europe and the port community of Trieste, makes available to its stakeholders, interested parties and railway companies operating in the region, a wagon rental service unique in Italy.

Thanks to this project, any rail undertaking or intermodal operator will have access to a fleet of “twin” wagons, i.e. for intermodal logistic units (containers, semi-trailers or swap bodies), or 80 feet wagon, i.e. suitable for the transport of containers, even for a single day.

This is an offer dedicated to the railway services in start-up from the port of Trieste, which will no longer have to bear the risk of a long-term rental but will have the possibility to rent a set of wagons only for the days of actual use and at short notice, a huge advantage that encourages the presence of new district operators and the start-up of new traffic. If the initiative is successful, wagons of different types will also be made available.